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Feel Good Ju Ju - can you live without these products in your life? No! Amazing range of artisan organic yummies. I have super sensitive dry skin and the body butters are on of the only products that leaves my skin feeling moisturised, comfortable and not itchy! When paired with the bathbombs my skin feels amazing. I also have used the Camomile healing balm on post surgical scars on my feet, the skin was so tender and raw after 6 weeks of bandages the salve helped to bring my skin back to normal and stopped it peeling. I cannot speak highly enough of this range!!


Being someone who has combination skin. Has tried medications and many other things for my face. Nothing seems to work as well or make me look as bright as Feel Good JUJU's natural clay mask selection. 

Followed by an organic moisturizer. With no chemicals added, it really makes a huge difference when i keep it all natural.


Finding quality, medicinally focussed native balms crafted locally and with careful consideration has been a blessing. JUJU’s intricate concoctions have been the alternative I needed to balm my eczema without the harsh chemicals in pharmaceutical ointments, which were bleaching my sensitive skin. Her Chamomile Salve and balms gently repaired my skin, and reduce inflammation immediately. My family have received Feel Good Juju products for the last few Christmas's because they love her accuracy and flamboyant flavours. Cannot recommend enough


I bought some Comfrey, Frankincense & beeswax Healing balm off Julia for my mum, who has a form of dermatitis on her hands and feet that causes cracks in her skin which turn to cuts. She's found it very difficult to do every day things and its tricky to find a cure, but the healing balm has helped a lot with alleviating pain and in helping the cuts to heal. The balm has lasted about 5 months of every day use, it just ran out today when mum asked if I could get her some more.


I was fortunate enough to stumble across Feel Good JUJU at a local market. On display was an interesting range of bespoke creams and unguents. Keen to support a local business I purchased some healing cream. Woah, is this stuff good! Dry skin became a thing of the past! My skin looks healthier and doesn’t get itchy. Thanks FGJJ, will definitely be buying more.


My partner and I have purchased a few products from Feel Good JUJU and the quality is always incredible! We especially love the salve which my partner uses almost every day! You can absolutely tell these products are made with beautiful intentions and so much love!


I used the Radiating  Facial Serum and it was so good! Nice texture and left me feeling refreshed and happy


I Feel Good Juju! I've been thoroughly enjoying these yummy products for about six months now, I've tried the body butters (so dreamy creamy and smell incredible), the bath salt blends (wonderfully indulgent and nourishing) and the dry shampoo (so effective but gentle on my sensitive scalp) and have loved every minute. I've also bought these and a few others as gifts and they are always welcomed with a resounding "More Please"! Definitely recommend these lovingly created potions to anyone who asks. Thanks Feel Good Juju!!


I bought two gift packs for friends during the pandemic times and the amount of effort Jules went to to make it super special for them both was incredible both absolutely loved them and even selected one especially for my friend who gets skin allergies Thankyou so much


The dirty chai scrub is amazing! Having sensitive skin it’s hard to find products that my skin can handle, let alone ones that work straight away. The scrub however left my skin feeling incredible from the first use! Not to mention it smells amazing! Would recommend to anyone, especially those who have sensitive skin.


Julia's body butter is amazing! I've had super super dry skin recently and it has cleared it all up within a week Highly recommended!!


I am LOVING the Feel Good JuJu Lemon Myrtle Body Butter. It is hands-down the best moisturiser I have ever used. It is long lasting, beautifully aromatic and I feel pampered every time I use it. If you are looking for some self-care in lockdown, you need Feel Good JuJu products….they are all amazing.

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