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Key Benefits

  • Dense moisturiser
  • Conditions skin
  • Helps restores skin appearance


Key Ingredients


Rosehip oil


Rosehip is loaded with essential vitamins that prevent free radical damage and early aging. Its key vitamins are vitamin A, B3, D and E which help improve the appearance of dull skin by brightening and evening skin tone.


Jojoba oil


Jojoba oil is considered among the most prized plant oils due to its wax esters and fatty acid content. It has skin softening abilities by an increase in suppleness of the skin's outer layer and over time, allows stretching and movement without cracks and tears developing.


Castor oil


Castor oil consists primarily of fatty acids, including ricinoleic acid which is a monounsaturated fatty acid. It primarily functions as a skin-conditioning age, emulsion stabilizer and surfactants in cosmetics


Peppermint & Rosemary

  • Vitellaria Paradoxa butter (shea butter), fractionated Cocos Nucifera oil (coconut), Simmondisa chinensis oil (jojoba), Rosa rubiginosa oil (rosehip), Ricinus communis oil (castor), Prunus armeniaca kernel oil (apricot), y-Tocopherol oil, Mentha × piperita essential oil (peppermint), Salvia rosmarinus essential oil (rosemary)


    *Naturally occurring major constituents in essential oils: menthol, menthone, menthyl acetate, 1,8-cineole, limonene, beta-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, α-pinene, camphor, camphene, borneol, verbenone, bornyl acetate, α-terpineol

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