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Key Benefits

  • Rich in allantoin
  • Helps promote new tissue growth
  • Can help reduce swelling


Key Ingredients




Comfrey's key constituents found make this plant an especially potent skin healing agent with wound reparation properties, accelerates skin healing and possesses anti-inflammatory activity. The compounds which make Comfrey so powerful include rosmarinic acid and allantoin which are known to reduce inflammation and can help tissue reparation.


This salve would be best used to help heal bruises, wounds, scrapes and burns

Comfrey Infused Salve

  • *Beeswax, Vitellaria Paradoxa butter (shea butter), Symphytum leaf infused Macadamia integrifolia oil (comfrey), Ricinus communis oil (castor), Symphytum leaf extract, Equisetum extract (horsetail), Boswellia essential oil (frankincense)


    *Beeswax locally sourced from a beekeeper at a small farm in Braidwood, NSW


    *Naturally occurring major constituents found in essential oils: a-Pinene, a-Phellandrene, limonene, B-Myrcene, B-Pinene, B-Caryophyllene, p-Cymene, terpinen-4-ol, verbenone, sabinene, linalool

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