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Why use our Vitamin Rich Facial Elixir?

Our facial elixir can work either in addition to or replace any serums in your skin care routine, depending on what your skin is requiring at the time. Our Vitamin Rich Facial Elixir is nutrient packed, requiring only a few drops to enrich the skin's microbiome, promoting a clearer complexion and injecting essential vitamins into the skin. Using a combination of plant extracts, carrier oils and essential oils, this lightweight formula is best used during your morning skincare routine.


Desert Quandong is a potent antioxidant that contains active phenolic acids, a gentler alternative to AHA’s, that help stimulate collagen production, while its high alpha-amino acid content helps hydrate the skin. Desert Quandong inhibits the formation of unwanted pigmentation and is a strong defence against free radical damage.


Ginseng can help regulate hyaluronic acid generation, improving the skin's water retention and helping skin stay lubricated and moisturised. It is known to protect cells from free radical damage, increase hydration and can help prevent wrinkles.


Flaxseed oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids, including linoleic and a-linoleic acid, which assist in wound healing. It has high concentrations of omega 3 which makes the oil very efficient at soothing dry and irritated skin. Flaxseed oil also refreshes your skin cells making them firmer and more elastic providing overall clearer skin.

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