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Lip Balms

Why should lip balm be an important part of your skincare routine?

Lips do not get a break from environmental exposure and contact with other potential irritants. They have a unique make-up with few layers of very thin skin and very little melanin cells compared to other areas of the face and body. Because of this, the blood vessels appear more clearly through the skin which gives them their pink colour. Lips have no hair follicles or sweet glands, leaving them without sweat or body oil to protect them from the elements. When we recognize our lips are cracked, sore and dry, our compensatory reaction is to replenish moisture. Lip-licking is often an immediate bodily response that perpetuates this condition and can sometimes lead to several types of dermatitis. This response momentarily alleviates the symptoms however since saliva contains digestive enzymes that are detrimental to the delicate skin. It leads to a breakdown of the protective barrier and reduction of moisturize, increasing our vulnerability to irritants. With a breakdown of the protective barrier comes an increased risk of secondary infections. Practical preventions in a daily routine should include applications of lip balm, adequate hydration and protection from harsh weather conditions.

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