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A story of growth

Meet JuJu

My name is Julia AKA Juju, and I am the face behind the natural skincare business Feel Good JUJU. I am an artist, a passionate gardener, a creator, a self-proclaimed home cook and a self-taught herbal alchemist. I have a Bachelor of Arts, major in Art History, a double minor in French, and Heritage Management & Museum Studies. There are no words to describe the joy I obtain from gardening and nurturing the wonderful plants that bless our earth. I knew no matter what profession I would have from a young age; it would be something creative. From crafting mud pies in the backyard to creating skincare recipes, there’s been a long journey between planting small ideas and cultivating them into fruition.


What started as nothing more than a side project for my art career by making bath bombs to help with extra cash, my health took a debilitating turn in 2017. Before then, I had endless health conditions, including asthma, potential PCOS/endometriosis and constant gastroenteritis. I was in and out of the hospital with large cysts bursting in my ovaries, connected to a tank of oxygen after severe asthma attacks and constant sickness due to gastro. In 2017 my health was so bad that no doctor or medical professional was offering any kind of help or support, so I decided to take my health into my own hands. I changed my diet and did some herbal medicine investigating, which coincided with my desire to create bath care as my side hustle project. I became so enveloped with learning about healthcare that I was no longer satisfied with making bath bombs; bath bombs turned into body butter that turned into healing salves, and so on. Years later, I thankfully met my naturopath, who, to this day, I believe has changed my life. My cysts have disappeared, my period pain heavily reduced, my gut health balancing better, and my skincare self-love routine improved. Recently, I found an incredible doctor, something I didn’t believe to be possible, who has been helping me get diagnosed with ADHD and fibromyalgia. These are other conditions that have massively impacted my ability to function under self-employment, with some days experiencing heavy brain fog and others not holding forks and feeding myself. Although this brings me down, I always try to remain positive and use these experiences to shape my business and share my story with others.


Feel Good JUJU is not just a brand but a testament to the perseverance of self-care through life’s hardships. It’s a product range that will help everyone’s self-care journey, no matter if they are at the beginning. Our skin and body need love and nourishment. Often life gets the better of us, and we unconsciously neglect our needs. Whether it’s a medicinal tea blend to calm the nerves or a relaxing bath to reset the mind, our products will bring the good juju we all need. Feel Good JUJU is a handmade small business with the intention to nourish your mind and body with carefully chosen ingredients provided by nature herself; I’m just the crafter.

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